Expert Advisor Programming: Creating Automated Trading Systems in MQL for MetaTrader 4

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Product DescriptionFinally, the first comprehensive guide to MQL programming is here! Expert Advisor Programming guides you through the process of developing robust automated forex trading systems for the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. In this book, the author draws on several years of experience coding hundreds of expert advisors for retail traders worldwide. You’ll learn how to program these common trading tasks, and much more: – Place market, stop and limit orders. – Accurately calculate stop loss and take profit prices. – Calculate lot size based on risk. – Add flexible trailing stops to your orders. – Count, modify and close multiple orders at once. – Verify trading conditions using indicators and price data. – Create flexible and reusable source code functions. – Add advanced features such as timers, email alerts and Martingale lot sizing. – Avoid common trading errors and easily troubleshoot your programs. – Adjustments for fractional pip brokers and FIFO. – Plus, learn how to create your own custom indicators and scripts! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, Expert Advisor Programming can help you realize your automated trading ideas in the shortest amount of time. This book features dozens of code examples with detailed explanations, fully-functioning example programs, and reusable functions that you can use in your own expert advisors!

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