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Product DescriptionThese days it is hard to get something reliable, accurate, and affordable at the same time. Well… This system is !!!

I’m a retired Banking Professional, with over 12 years of Foreign Exchange Experience. I want you to know that Banks have a completely different approach towards making money in Forex market, with simple but powerful strategies. I’ve built this EA using one such Hidden strategy !!!

It is fully automated. You can just start the Expert Advisor and simply forget it. It will run all 365 days for 24 hrs a day, and keep looking for profitable moments for you, helping you make unimaginable money even while you sleep.

There is only one rule to follow while buying Automated EAs.

Don’t Buy based on Backtested results !!!

Back Testing is very easy to do. With a click of a button Metatrader can backtest any method programmed in any date range. Results are finely displayed with graphs and analysis. Parameters can be changed to test run again and new results are out. This method can be performed over an over until best results are achieved. A tweaked system which delivers excellent historical results will surely fail in the future.

Forward testing is the only way to prove that an EA actually works !!!

There are two reasons how this EA is different from the others

1. You can monitor the live results in the following link. The results are refreshed every 5 minutes automatically. You can monitor the results for as long as you want, till you are convinced about the potential of the EA

http : / / forexunlimited.mt4stats . com /

2. I give you a full money back gaurantee. You just have to send me the live testing statement (even from demo account) with default settings for 4 weeks, and if the EA had lost money, I will refund your payment. No questions asked. I gaurantee.

Once you get this system and truly understand it, you will have unlimited income potential.

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About Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson is a 20 year veteran of the currency market, having worked as a senior trader and analyst at some of the world’s leading international banks. In addition to overseeing fundamental and technical research at, Matthew is involved in the blog and video blog. Matthew has also published numerous articles on short-term trading strategies and risk management.

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