Forex Trading Popularity – 10 Reasons Traders Love It

Is Forex trading the only way to generate revenue? Definitely not! There are other kinds of trading too! But the Forex market has such a global appeal, that there are people even willing to invest an entire life’s savings in it! But this of course applies to people with at least some know-how of how the trading system actually works–not to beginners in the business!

However, there are still some investors or traders who feel mystified by this turn of events and are not willing to risk their hard-earned money or chance their luck! This attitude, despite the fact that the Forex market rolls out an average volume of $1.5 trillion everyday! The market does have its big players, and the not-so-big players as well.

Let us check out why Forex trading attracts so many investors or traders on an international level–

(1) This market has been termed a “gold mine” since its average daily trading volume goes up to $1.5 trillion. Naturally, investors and brokers feel that this is the brightest star in the universe!

(2) The largest trading center in the world, it has given a ray of hope to people all around the world. Not only private individuals, but financial institutions and banks also recognize the huge potentialities of the foreign exchange market. As a matter of fact, people from all walks of life are part of this trading community!

(3) Another attraction is the geographical dispersion. Different currency exchanges can be found all across the globe. Each continent will have one or two such exchanges at least. Only a continent like Africa may not have one, since it is economically deprived.

(4) This market has extreme liquidity. The investor and broker can buy and sell currencies at a rapid rate, before there is a major change in value. There are novices to the arena, but there are also plenty of sellers and buyers who are absolutely sure of what they are doing. They take full advantage of the trading period.

(5) Forex trading goes on for 5 days a week. Each day, the market is open for 24 hours. It does not work on weekends. This is to accomodate all nationalities and all currencies.

(6) Wall Street may be fast asleep! And so also the New York Stock Exchange! This makes no difference at all to the trading activities. The individual or organization can conduct profitable transactions with fellow traders or investors even in the middle of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping!

(7) A beginner to the trading community can take the help of a broker to set up an online trading platform. The broker would want to know about–the investor’s trading experience, the approximate volume of currency transactions to be conducted per month, frequency of these trades, and the value of the risk capital to be put up.

(8) Once these details are worked out, the broker sets up an online platform for the investor. The Forex trading platform comes with automated features that can work in favor of the investor. They are convenient for working with.

(9) This platform reveals the hottest currency pairs that can provide profits. A technical analysis is sufficient to decide whether to trade on them or not, and whether they will bring gains or losses.

(10) The technical benefits of the Forex trading online platform are attributed to the computer softwares that come with it. Information related to–updated analysis on current market trends, whether it is easy to access the different currency exchanges or not, and single and multiple trading functionalities–can be obtained easily. Information pertaining to various international currency exchanges can be stored on the trading platform.

Thus, a great broker and a working online platform should really help to convert Forex trading into a “gold mine”!

Abhishek Agarwal

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